Photo Collin Heer and Kelly Hubert
Collin Heer and Kelly Hubert are seen together at the SFRBM Annual Meeting held in Las Vegas in November last year. Collin was awarded the Larry Oberley Young Investigator Award in Cancer with the additional accolade of achieving the highest scoring abstract (presentation) in the field of Cancer.
Kelly Falls is, once again, a travel award winner. This time she will be attending the SfRBM annual conference in Las Vegas this year, courtesy of a $500 prize allocated towards her travel expenses.
Prof. Prabhat Goswami was one of the invited speakers at the 2nd World Aging & Rejuvenation Conference held in Berlin at the beginning of October. He was also session chair during the second day of the conference proceedings. He is pictured here having discovered the fountain of youth along with co-session leader, Prof.
Yi Sun, MD, PhD a Doctoral student of Larry W. Oberley is to receive an endowed professorship at the University of Michigan this November. He will be conferred the honor of "Theodore S. Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D. and Patricia Krause Research Professor of Radiation Oncology" in an awards ceremony to be held on November 18 in the A.
Michelle Tamplin portrait
Michelle Tamplin is the recipient of two travel awards in support of attending the Radiation Research Annual meeting in San Diego. Her abstract titled "Collateral damage of radiation to normal tissue: What can the retina tell us?" garnered a Vere D.
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