Congratulations to Somya Kapoor and Mengshi Li who have been awarded travel grants by the Graduate College for presenting their work at scientific conferences. Both Mengshi and Somya recently presented their work at the Melanoma Research Society meeting in Boston, as well as to a Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization in Boston.
The Bob Painter debates at the Radiation Research Society’s annual meeting “For” and “Against” stances in relation to the propositions that “Cancer is fundamentally a metabolic disease”. The "horse and the cart"
Amanda Kalen and Joshua Schoenfeld of the FRRBP progam at Iowa have been invited to deliver oral presentations at this years SFRBM meeting.
The 2017 Interdisciplinary Summer Undergraduate Research Program hosted by the Carver College of Medicine is accepting applications. Applications are due by February 1, 2017:
Jyung Mean Son
Congratulations are due to Jyungmean Son for winning the Agilent Technologies Seahorse Award for new discoveries on the role of cellular bioenergetics in pathophysiology.
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