Melissa Fath

Dr. Fath’s research and career development activities have focused on exploiting metabolic differences between cancer cells and normal cells to develop new therapeutic regimens that selectively kill cancer. More specifically it has been shown that tumor cell mitochondria produce greater levels of O2·- and H2O2 relative to normal cells. Compared to normal cells, cancer cells also appear to have increased labile transition metals (Fe and Cu) that participate in oxidation reactions.

Apollina Goel

Research Interests

Research Interests


Multiple myeloma is cancer of the plasma cells and currently remains incurable. We are interested in developing novel, mechanism-based combination approaches to improve therapy responses in myeloma. For preclinical validation studies, established cell lines, co-culture models, primary tumor cells of mouse or human origin, and mouse myeloma models (transgenic and cell line derived syngeneic, orthotopic model) are being used. Currently our lab is pursuing following lines of study:


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