Amira Zaher, BS

Graduate Research Assistant

Graduate Program: Cancer Biology

Undergraduate Institution: St. Cloud State University

Hometown/Country:  Egypt

How did you hear about our program? Through my colleagues in Cancer Biology. 

What attracted you to the University of Iowa and why did you choose the Allen lab in FRRBP? The designated comprehensive cancer center at the University of Iowa was a certainly a strength that attracted me to UIowa as it offered multiple opportunities to interact with patient care and have a more translational approach in my training. Dr. Allen's expertise in both benchside and bedside cancer research were of great interest to me. In addition, the focus on overcoming radiation injury in cancer patients really resonated with me because of its direct impact on patient outcomes. Another thing that factored in my decision to work with Dr. Allen is his emphasis on independence and innovation, 

What type of research are you performing? I am studying radiation injury associated with cancer therapy in soft tissue sarcoma and lung cancer. 

What is your favorite part about being a graduate student? The opportunities to interact and collaborate with people of different backgrounds and mindsets. 

What are your favorite hobbies/activities outside of research? I enjoy hiking, cooking, going to the movies, and hanging out with my cats. 

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