The Free Radical and Radiation Biology Program (FRRBP) is a graduate program at The University of Iowa and is a division of the Department of Radiation Oncology. It is the only PhD granting free radical and radiation biology graduate program in the world, and also the only PhD graduate program within a clinical department at the University of Iowa. Our program is the nucleus of the Free Radical Metabolism and Imaging Program in the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at The University of Iowa. Our faculty members are a diverse group of basic scientists, physician scientists, and science educators focused on the rapidly emerging fields of free radical biology, redox biology, and cancer biology.

Research Focus:

  1. Fundamental free radical, oxidant and antioxidant chemistry and biology;
  2. Basics of redox biology;
  3. The biology of cancer including the biological mechanisms of anticancer therapy, as well as the mechanisms of normal tissue mage during cancer therapy
  4. The redox and free radical biology of disease –for example, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, inflammation and cardiovascular disorders just to name a few.

We offer:

  1. World renowned faculty regarded for their teaching and research
  2. A diverse mix of 8 primary and 21 secondary and adjunct faculty members.
  3. Stipends above the NIH guidelines.
  5. Leading redox biology, free radical biology, and cancer research.
  6. A student/faculty ratio of 1:2.
  7. An average time to earn your Ph.D. of 4.8 years.
  8. Quality: overall 97% graduation rate and 85% of our graduates go on to successful careers in redox biology, free radical biology, radiation biology, and other science-related fields of their choosing.
  9. A student endorsed program.

E-mail | Toll-free at (866) 448-4610 


Thank you for your interest in the Free Radical and Radiation Biology Graduate Program. The Biomedical Science Program (BSP) oversees admissions and first-year graduate studies for 7 doctoral programs, including Free Radical and Radiation Biology.


FRRBP Primary Faculty

Primary faculty in the Division of Free Radical and Radiation Biology.



Prabhat Goswami, PhD, professor of radiation oncology in the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, has been selected as director of the college’s Biomedical Science Program.
Jessica Reedy
Jessica Reedy PhD (FRRBP, 2016) joined Dr. John Sampson's laboratory in the Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program, Department of Neurosurgery at Duke University in August 2020 as a Staff Scientist.
Rick Domann and PCR machine
An instrument capable of testing for the Covid-19 virus was donated by Dr Domann’s laboratory to the testing cooperative established between Mercy Hospital and UIHC.
Portrait Michelle Tamplin
Michelle Tamplin, a graduate student in the Free Radical and Radiation Biology Program was recently recognized for her research efforts by the University of Iowa Graduate College.