Thursday, December 3, 2020

Prabhat Goswami, PhD, professor of radiation oncology in the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, has been selected as director of the college’s Biomedical Science Program.

In this position, Goswami will help develop and coordinate curricula for the Biomedical Science Program and oversee critical recruitment activities. Goswami will also support the Carver College of Medicine’s Strategic Diversity Roadmap by creating policies, plans, and practices that meet the diverse needs of faculty, staff, and students the Biomedical Science Program serves.

“Professor Goswami has outstanding credentials for this position, including a strong track record as a basic scientist, extensive graduate-level mentoring and teaching experience, and great leadership potential,” says Daniel Tranel, PhD, associate dean for graduate and postdoctoral studies in the Carver College of Medicine.

The Biomedical Science Program is a first-year graduate training umbrella program supporting entry into seven PhD subprograms: cancer biology, cell and developmental biology, experimental pathology, free radical and radiation biology, molecular medicine, molecular physiology and biophysics, and pharmacology

Prof. Prabhat Goswami