Mitchell "Mitch" Coleman, PhD

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Dr. Coleman focuses his oxidative stress and mitochondrial research expertise on trying to describe redox metabolic features of articular chondrocytes that are critical to maintaining healthy articular cartilage under normal loading conditions but play a role in pathology under severe mechanical loads. Dr. Coleman has conducted substantial  translational work with a focus on pathogenesis as a result of mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress. This has been conducted as an ongoing member of the University of Iowa’s Free Radical and Radiation Biology Program (FRRBP), a forerunner for redox biology in the United States, and the distinguished Orthopedic Research Laboratories at the University of Iowa.

He was also recently named the director of the Orthopedic Histopathology Laboratory at Iowa. Within his own laboratory, his research has directly led to multiple antioxidant and mitochondrially targeted drugs in phase 1 or 2 clinical trials including drugs targeting post-traumatic osteoarthritis, oral mucositis after radiation therapy, and several chemotherapies. Current projects study the intersection of mitochondrial redox metabolism and the chronic inflammatory pathways that dominate normal tissue injury research as well as arthritis research.

Example publications

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