Seminars 77:207 and 77:208 in Free Radical and Radiation Biology Schedule

Fall 1997

Contact: Tel 319-335-8018

August 28, 1997
Presenter: Dr. Bill Osborne
Title: "Seminar Organization, Program History, and Report of a Recent Scientific Meeting"

September 04, 1997
Presenter: Dr. David Hussey, Radition Biology
Title: "Radiobiological Concepts Applied to Radiation Oncology"

September 11, 1997
Presenter: Dr. Freya Schafer
Title: "HPLC: How Does It Work and What Can Be Done With It"

September 18, 1997
Presenter: Dr. Mark Madsen, Nuclear Medicine
Title: "Emission Computed Tomography"

October 02, 1997
Presenter: Dr. Rich Hichwa, PET Facility
Title: "Positron Emission Tomography"

October 09, 1997
Presenter: Dr. Sujata Bapat
Title: "r-Linolenic Acid (GLA) : A Unique PUFA in Anti-Glioma Therapy"

October 16, 1997
Presenter: Dr. Ernie Lam
Title: "Modulating the Intracellular Redox State Affects the Invasive Phenotype of Hamster Cheek Pouch Carcinoma Cells"

October 23, 1997
Presenter: Yue Qian/ Ji-Qin Yang
Title: "ESR Spin Trapping of Lipid-Deriveid Free Radicals from Cell Membranes: PUFA Free Radical Oxidations", "The Proto-Oncogene Bc1-2 and Its Role in Regulating Apoptosis"

October 30, 1997
Presenter: Geoff Girnun
Title: "Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs) Alter Gene Expression by Activating Peroxisome Proliferator - Activated Receptors"

November 06, 1997
Presenter: Nick Khoo/ Weiling Zhao
Title: "Strategies to Improve the Therapeutic Outcome of Malignant Gliomas"

November 14, 1997
Presenter: Hong Wang / Hannah Zhang
Title: "Problems in the Delivery of b-Carotene to Cultured Cells: THF Enhances Photofrin® Toxicity", "Comparision of Effects of Two Polymorphic Variants of MnSOD on Cancer Cell Phenotype"

December 04, 1997
Presenter: Dr. Philip Wertz, Dows Institute, College of Dentistry
Title: "Lipids and the Permeability Barriers of Keratinizing Epithelia"

December 11, 1997
Presenter: Yuanhui Huang
Title: "Bisulfide Sequencing of SOD2 Gene CPG Island"