Seminars 77:207 and 77:208 in Free Radical and Radiation Biology Schedule

Fall 2000

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August 24, 2000
New Student Orientation/Overview

August 31, 2000
Presenter: Christine Weydert
Title: "Inhibition of Oral Cancer Cell Growth by AdenovirusMnSOD plus BCNU"

September 07, 2000
Presenter: Iman Ahmad
Title: "Glucose Metabolism and Cancer Therapy"

September 14, 2000
Presenter: MacKenzie Hilfers, Neuroscience Grad Program
Title: "Determining a Link Between Alzheimer's Disease and Cyclooxygenase-2 Induction"

Sept 21, 2000
Presenter: Dr. Joel Greenberger, Dept. Radiation Oncology, University of Pittsburgh
Title: "Radioprotection by MnSOD"

September 28, 2000
Presenter: Lingjie Zhao
Title: "Inhibition of Phospholipid GPX by Antisense Oligodeoxynucleotides"

October 05, 2000
Presenter: Dr. Bradley Britigan, Div. Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine
Title: "Cytotoxic Mechanism(s) of the Redox-Active Pseudomonas Product Pyocyanin for Airway Epithelial Cells”

October 12, 2000
Presenter: Min Wang
Title: "The SOD Enzymes Suppress Malignant Breast Cell Growth by Preventing HIF-1 Activation"

October 19, 2000
Presenter: Dr. Sonya Franklin, Department of Chemistry
Title: "De Novo Artificial Endonucleases Based on HTH and EF-Hand Chimeras"

October 26, 2000
Presenter: Meredith Preuss
Title: "Antioxidant Enzyme Activity in Glioma Cells: Relationship to Increased PUFA Content"

October 27, 2000
Presenter: Hong P. Wang, FRRB, PhD Thesis Defense Seminar
Title: "The Role of Mitochondrial PhGPx in Cancer Therapy"

November 02, 2000
Presenter: Dr. Al Klingelhutz, Dept. of Microbiology
Title: "Immortalization of Human Epithelial Cells: Roles of Telomeres and the Retinoblastoma Pathway"

November 09, 2000
Presenter: Dr. Joseph Nwankwo
Title: "Molecular Mechanism for Decreased Fatty Acid D-6 Desaturase Expression in a Mutant Human Skin Fibroblast Cell Line"

November 16, 2000

November 23, 2000

November 30, 2000
Presenter: Hong Duan
Title: "MnSOD up-regulates maspin tumor suppressor gene expression in human breast and prostate cancer cells"

December 07, 2000
Presenter: Dr. Timothy Tewson, Dept. of Radiology
Title: "PET Imaging and Tumor Biology: Do the Twain meet?"

December 14, 2000
Presenter: Dr. Sue Goo Rhee, NHLBI/NIH
Title: "Role of Hydrogen Peroxide in Receptor Signaling I: Production & target proteins" (Titus Evans Memorial Lecture)

December 15, 2000
Presenter: Dr. Sue Goo Rhee, NHLBI/NIH
Title: "Role of Hydrogen Peroxide in Receptor Signaling II: Elimination by peroxiredoxins"