Seminars 77:207 and 77:208 in Free Radical and Radiation Biology Schedule

Spring 2007

Contact: Tel 319-335-8018

January 18, 2007
Presenter: No Speaker

January 25, 2007
Presenter: No Speaker

February 1, 2007
Presenter:  No Speaker

February 8, 2007
Presenter: Tanja Hadzic
Title:  “Taxol Combined With Inhibitors of Glucose and Hydroperoxide Metabolism Increases Breast Cancer Cell Killing Via H2O2-mediated oxidative stress”

February 15, 2007
Presenter:Amanda Kalen
Title:  “Superoxide-signaling and exit from the DNA-synthesis phase”

February 22, 2007

March 1, 2007
Presenter: Dr. Anjali Gupta
Title: “Modulating Radiation Resistance: Is Akt the Target?”

March 8, 2007
Presenter: Mike Hitchler
Title:  “Epigenetic Processes Governing Expression of SOD2 in Cancer”

March 15, 2007
Presenter: Spring Break
Title:  No seminar

March 22, 2007
Presenter: Kristy Powers
Title:  “A role for p63 in controlling epigenetic processes?”

March 29, 2007/Room change to BSB Aud. 3
Presenter:Suwimol Jetawattana
Title: “Redox regulation of HIF-1 alpha by MnSOD via ROS”

April 5, 2007
Presenter: Oksana Zagorodna
Title:  “Bcl-2 family genes produce thymic tumor cells that are distinct in 2DG sensitivity, p53 function, and cellular ploidy”

April 12, 2007
Presenter:  Dr. Mark A. Yorek
Title:  “Microvascular and Neural Dysfunction in Obese Zucker and Zucker Diabetic Fatty (ZDF) Rats:  Effect of Enalapril and Rosuvastatin Treatment”

April 19, 2007
Presenter:  Marlan Hansen, Otolaryngology
Title:  “The role of ErbB2 signaling in vestibular schwannoma growth and radiosensitivity”

April 26, 2007
Presenter:  Annie Liu
Title:  “Antioxidant Enzyme Overexpression Protects Chinese Hamster Fibroblasts with A Mutation In Succinate Dehydrogenase Subunit C (SDHC) From Low Dose Irradiation”

May 3, 2007
Presenter:  Chang-Ming Chen
Title: “DNA damage and increase ROS production contribute to the toxicity of thymidine depletion