Seminars 77:207 and 77:208 in Free Radical and Radiation Biology Schedule

Spring 2009

Contact: Tel 319-335-8018

January 22, 2009
Presenter: Dr. Andre Obenaus, Pathology Grand Rounds Talk (12-1pm)
Title: “Non-invasive Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Stem Cells for the Treatment of
Neurological Diseases”

January 29, 2009
Presenter: Dr. Max Wicha (4-5pm)
Title: Stem Cells In Mammary Development And Breast Cancer

February 5, 2009
Presenter: Dr. Bernard Futscher
Title: “Weeds in the Garden: Destruction of the
Epigenetic Landscape in Cancer”

February 12, 2009
Presenter: Dr. Garry Buettner
Title: “Some Newly Discovered Chemistry of PCB-Quinones, Semiquinones, and
Hydroquinones: New Routes to ROS and Detoxification”

February 19, 2009
Presenter: Dr. Frederick Domann
Title: “If at first you don’t succeed, Try, Try, and Trypanothione”

February 26, 2009
Presenter: canceled

March 5, 2009
Presenter: Lauren Wegman
Title: ”Peripheral nervous system control of Drosophila larval developmental timing”

March 12, 2009
Presenter: Venkat Venkatesha
Title:”Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Cellular Responses”

March 19, 2009
Presenter: No Meeting – Spring Break

March 26, 2009
Presenter: Adam Case
Title: “Aberrant thymic development in a T-lymphocyte specific SOD2 knock-out mouse”

April 2, 2009
Presenter: Title: Oberley Symposium

April 9, 2009
Presenter: Jordan Witmer
Paper: ‘Quantitative Proteomics: What Numbers Mean to the Biologist”

April 16, 2009
Presenter: Leena Chaudhuri
Paper: “Polychlorinated Biphenyl Induced ROS Signaling Perturbs Transition between
Quiescence and Proliferative Growth”

April 23, 2009
Presenter: James Jacobus
Title: “From Transgenic Rats to Telomeres: Examining the Genotoxic Potential of

April 30, 2009
Presenter: Peter Scarbrough
Title: "2DG and 17-AAG Treatment Increases Breast Cancer Cell Killing and the Role of
Disrupted Hydroperoxide Metabolism"

May 7, 2009
Presenter: Janice Wang