Spring 1995

12:00-1:00, Wednesdays

Room B180, Med Labs
Contact: garry-buettner@uiowa.edu Tel 319/335-6749

January 18, 1995
Presenter: Dr. Garry R. Buettner
Paper: J. R. Lancaster, Jr. Simulation of the diffusion and reaction of endogenously produced nitric oxide. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 91: 8137-8141, August 1994.

D. Bartlet et al. The kinetics of the oxidation of L-ascorbic acid by peroxynitrite. Free Rad. Biol. Med. 18(1):85-92, 1995.

January 25, 1995
Presenter: Beth Anne Jurkiewicz
Paper: H-J. Tritschler et al. Oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegeneration. Biochem. Mol. Biol. Intl. 34(1):169-181, Sept. 1994.

J. Dykens. Isolated cerebral and cerebellar mitochondria production free radicals when exposed to elevated Ca2+ and Na+: Implications for neurodegeneration. J. Neurochem. 63(2): 584-591, 1994.

February 01, 1995
Presenter: Geoffrey Girnun
Paper: S. Yamaguchi et al. Role of intracellular SOD in protecting human leukemic and cancer cells against superoxide and radiation. Free Rad Biol. Med 17(8):389-395, 1994.

February 08, 1995
Presenter: E.W.N. Lam
Paper: K. Umegaki et al. Decrease in vitamin E levels in the bone marrow of mice receiving whole body x-ray irradiation. Free Rad. Biol. Med. 17:439-444, 1994.

February 15, 1995
Presenter: Dr. Michael McCormick
Paper: W. Malorni et al. N-acetylcysteine prevents TNF-induced mitochondrial damage, apoptosis and viral particle production in HIV-infected U937 cells. Redox. Report 1:57-66, 1994.

February 22, 1995
Presenter: Eric Kelley
Paper: M. Kelner et al. Transfection with human copper-zinc superoxide dimutase induces bidirectional alterations in other antioxidant enzymes, proteins, growth factor response, and paraquat resistance. Free Rad. Biol. Med. 18(3):497-506, 1995.

March 01, 1995
Presenter: Dave Hall
Paper: D. Osborne et al. Development of ischemic/reperfusion tolerance in the rat small intestine: An epithelium-independent event. J. Clin. Invest. 94:1910-1918, Nov. 1994.

March 08, 1995
Presenter: Dr. Mike Robbins
Paper: J. Venkatraman et al. Effects of n-3 and n-6 fatty acids on the activities and expression of hepatic antioxidant enzymes in auto-immune-prone NZB x NZW F1 mice. Lipids 29(8):561-568, 1994.

March 15, 1995
Presenter: Dr. Fred Domann
Papers: E. Kopp et al. Inhibition of NF-kB by sodium salicylate and aspirin. Science 265:956-959, Aug. 12, 1994.

March 29, 1995
Presenter: Ming Fan
Paper: M. Subramanian et al. Diminution of singlet oxygen-induced DNA damage by curcumin and related antioxidants. Mutation Res 311:249-255, 1994.

April 05, 1995
Presenter: Dr. Larry Oberley
Paper: K. Ritter et al. Manganese superoxide dismutase as a target of autoantibodies in acute epstein-barr virus infection. J. Exp. Med. 180:1995-1998, Nov. 1994.

April 12, 1995
Presenter: Yue Qian
Paper: D. Yin et al. Fenton reagents may not initiate lipid peroxidation in an emulsified linoleic acid model system. Free Rad. Biol. Med, 13: 543-556, 1992.

April 26, 1995
Presenter: Dr. Dana Grzybicki
Paper: S. Hewett et al. Selective potentiation of NMDA-induced neuronal injury following induction of astrocytic iNOS. Neuron 13:487-494, Aug. 1994.

May 03, 1995
Presenter: Duane Wessels
Paper: C. Giulivi et al. Hydroxyl radical generation during mitochondrial electron transfer and the formation of 8-hydroxydesoxy guanosine in mitochondrial DNA. Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 316(2): 909-916, Feb 1, 1995.