Spring 1997

12:00-1:00, Wednesdays

Room B180, Med Labs
Contact: garry-buettner@uiowa.edu Tel 319/335-6749

January 22, 1997
Presenter: Mike McCormick, PhD
Paper: Keyer K; Imlay JA. (1996) Superoxide accelerates DNA damage by elevating free-iron levels. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci USA 93: 13635-13640.

January 29, 1997
Presenter: Shijun Li
Paper: Lander HM; Jacovina AT; Davis RJ; Tauras JM (1996) Differential activation of mitogen-activated protein kinases by nitric oxide-related species. J. Biol. Chem. 271: 19705-19709.

February 05, 1997
Presenter: Garry Buettner, PhD
Paper: Denicola A; Freeman BA; Trujillo M; Radi R. (1996) Peroxynitrite reaction with carbon dioxide/carbonate: Kinetics and influence on peroxynitrite-mediated oxidations. Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 333:49-58

February 12, 1997
Presenter: Steven Qian
Paper: Scorza G; Pietraforte D;Minetti M. (1997) Role of ascorbate and protein thiols in the release of nitric oxide form S-nitroso-albumin and S-nitroso-glutathione in human plasma. Free Rad Biol Med 22:633-642.

February 19, 1997
Presenter: Ernie Lam, DDS
Paper: Kong L; Dunn GD; Keefer LK; Korthuis. (1996) Nitric oxide reduces tumor cell adhesion to isolated rat post capillary venules. Clinical & Experimental Metastasis 14:335-343.

February 26, 1997
Presenter: Eric Kelley
Paper: Haldar S; Basu A; Croce CM. (1997) Bcl2 is the guardian of microtubule integrity. Cancer Res. 57:229-233. (Primary paper for discussion)

Sporn LA; Foster TH. (1992) Photofrin and light induces microtubule depolymerization in cultured human endothelial cells. Cancer Res. 52:3443-3448. (Secondary paper for discussion)

March 05, 1997
Presenter: Dr. Larry Oberley
Paper: Otero G. et al. (1996) Increased manganese superoxide dismutase activity, protein, and mRNA levels and concurrent induction of tumor necosis factor a in radiation-initiated syrian hamster cells. Molecular Carcinogenesis 17:175-180.

Melendez JA, Davies KJA. (1996) Manganese superoxide dismutase modulates interleukin-1a levels in HT-1080 fibrosarcoma cells. J. Biol. Chem. 271:18898-18903.

March 12, 1997
Presenter: Geoff Girnun
Paper: Kifle Y; Monnier J; Chesrown SE; Raizada MK; Nick HS. (1996) Regulation of manganese superoxide dismutase by inducible nitric oxide synthase gene in rat neuronal and glial cells. J Neurochemistry 66:2128-2135.

March 19, 1997
NO JOURNAL CLUB as Dr. Joan Valentine is giving a lecture in The Department of Chemistry on: Is altered copper reactivity in copper-zinc superoxide dismutase a cause of ALS at 12:30 in CB-321

March 26, 1997
No presentation: Spring Break

April 02, 1997
Presenter: Chris Darby
Paper: Barkats M; Bemelmans A-P; Geoffroy M-C; Robert J-J; Loquet I; Horellou P; Revah F; Mallet J. (1996) An adenovirus encoding CuZnSOD protects cultured striatal neurones against glutamate toxicity. NeuroReport 7:497-501.

April 09, 1997
Presenter: Hong Wang
Paper: Salet C; Moreno G. (1995) Photodynamic action increases leakage of the mitochondrial electron transport chain. Int. J. Tradiat. Biol. 67:477-480.
Sharkey SM; Wilson BC; Moorehead R; Singh G. (1993) Mitochondrial alterations in photodynamic therapy-resistant cells. Cancer Res. 53:4994-4999.

April 16, 1997
Presenter: Brett Wagner
Paper: Ritov VB et al. (1996) Non-random peroxidation of different classes of membrane phospholipids in live cells detected by metabolically integrated cis-parinaric acid. Biochim. Biophys Acta 1283:127-140.

April 23, 1997
Presenter: Eric Kelley
Paper: Venkatraman, JT et al. (1994) Effects of n-3 and n-6 fatty acids on the activities and expression of hepatatic antioxidant enzymes in autoimmune-prone NZBxNZW F1 mice. Lipids 29:561-568. and

April 30, 1997
Presenter: Yang Ji-Qin
Paper: Pigmore E. et al. (1995) A 68-kDa kinase and NADPH oxidase component p67phox are targets for Cdc42Hs and Rac1 in neutrophils. J Biol Chem 270:10717-10722.

Sundaresan M et al. (1996) Regulation of reactive-oxygen-species generation in fibroblasts by Rac1. Biochem J. 318:379-382.

May 07, 1997
Presenter: Jie Yang
Paper: Amstad PA; Liu H; Ichimiya M' Berezesky I; Trump BF. (1997) Manganese superoxide dismutase expression inhibits soft agar growth in JB6 clone-41 mouse epidermal cells. Carcinogenesis 18:479-484.

May 14, 1997
Presenter: Freya Schafer, PhD
Paper: Kuzin B. Roberts I. Peunova N. Enikolopov G . Nitric oxide regulates cell proliferation during Drosophila development. Cell. 87(4):639-49, 1996 Nov 15.
Peunova N. Enikolopov G . Nitric oxide triggers a switch to growth arrest during differentiation of neuronal cells. Nature. 375(6526):68-73, 1995 May 4.