The University of Iowa

Fall 2011

11:30-12:30, Every other Monday

Room B180, Med Labs

Contact: Tel 319-384-4754

Presentations for Fall 2011:

November 14, 2011
Presenter: Ioana Brie
Paper: Karimi-Busheri F, Rasouli-Nia A, Mackey JR, Weinfeld M. Senescence evasion by MCF-7 human breast tumor-initiating cells. Breast Cancer Res. 2010; 12(3):R31. Epub 2010 Jun 2. PMID:20525204 PMCID: PMC2917024

November 28, 2011
Presenter: Wusheng Xiao
Paper: Dar AA, Majid S, de Semir D, Nosrati M, Bezrookove V, Kashani-Sabet M. (2011) miRNA-205 suppresses melanoma cell proliferation and induces senescence via regulation of E2F1 protein. J Biol Chem. 286(19):16606-14. PMID: 21454583

August 22, 2011
Presenter: Jeffrey He
Paper: Huang Q, Li F, Liu X, Li W, Shi W, Liu FF, O'Sullivan B, He Z, Peng Y, Tan AC, Zhou L, Shen J, Han G, Wang XJ, Thorburn J, Thorburn A, Jimeno A, Raben D, Bedford JS, Li CY. (2011) Caspase 3-mediated stimulation of tumor cell repopulation during cancer radiotherapy. Nat Med. 17(7):860-6. PMID: 21725296 PMCID: PMC3132290

September 5, 2011
Presenter: Labor Day, No Journal Club

September 19, 2011
Presenter: Elise Fletcher
Yoon S, Woo SU, Kang JH, Kim K, Kwon MH, Park S, Shin HJ, Gwak HS, Chwae YJ. (2010) STAT3 transcriptional factor activated by reactive oxygen species induces IL6 in starvation-induced autophagy of cancer cells. Autophagy. 6(8):1125-38.
PMID: 20930550

October 3, 2011
Presenter: Sabine Vorrink
Paper: Paper: Zhang H, Wong CC, Wei H, Gilkes DM, Korangath P, Chaturvedi P, Schito L, Chen J, Krishnamachary B, Winnard PT Jr, Raman V, Zhen L, Mitzner WA, Sukumar S, Semenza GL. (2011) HIF-1-dependent expression of angiopoietin-like 4 and L1CAM mediates vascular metastasis of hypoxic breast cancer cells to the lungs. Oncogene. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 21860410

October 17, 2011
Presenter: Jaimee Eckers
Paper: Prakobwong S, Gupta SC, Kim JH, Sung B, Pinlaor P, Hiraku Y, Wongkham S, Sripa B, Pinlaor S, Aggarwal BB. Curcumin suppresses proliferation and induces apoptosis in human biliary cancer cells through modulation of multiple cell signaling pathways. Carcinogenesis. 2011 Sep; 32(9):1372-80. Epub 2011 Feb 16. PMID: 21325634 PMCID: PMC3165121

October 31, 2011
Presenter: Malvika Rawal
Paper: Heidler J, Al-Furoukh N, Kukat C, Salwig I, Ingelmann ME, Seibel P, Krüger M, Holtz J, Wittig I, Braun T, Szibor M. Nitric Oxide-associated Protein 1 (NOA1) Is Necessary for Oxygen-dependent Regulation of Mitochondrial Respiratory Complexes. J Biol Chem. 2011 Sep; 286(37):32086-93. PMID: 21771794 PMCID: PMC3173199