The University of Iowa

Spring 1996

11:30-12:30, Mondays

Room B180, Med Labs
Contact: Tel 319-335-8025

January 15, 1996
Martin Luther King Convocation

January 22, 1996
Presenter: Dr. Rick Domann
Paper: "Superoxide Dismutase in SAS Human Tongue Carcinoma Cell Line Is a Factor Defining Invasiveness and Cell Motility" Muramatsu et al., Cancer Res. 55:6210-6214.

January 29, 1996
Presenter: Dr. Mike Robbins
Paper: "Differential Expression of Collagen Types I and III in Consequential and Primary Fibrosis in Irradiated Mouse Colon" Followill and Travis, Radiat Res 144:318-328

February 05, 1996
Presenter: Dr. Bill Osborne
Paper: "2-Nitroimidazole (EF5) Binding Predicts Radiation Resistance in Individual 9L s.c. Tumors" Evans et al. Cancer Res. 56:405-411.

February 12, 1996
Presenter: Dr. Sujata Vartak,
Paper: "Inhibition of Hepatocyte Growth Factor-Induced Motility and In Vivo Invasion of Human Colon Cancer Cells by Gamma-Linolenic Acid" Jiang et al.. Brit. J. Cancer 71:744-752

February 19, 1996
Presenter: Xiuying Zhang
Paper: "Regulation of Transforming Growth Factor b Receptors in H-ras Oncogene-transformed Rat Intestinal Epithelial Cells" by Zhao and Buick, Cancer Res. 55:6181-6188.

February 26, 1996
Presenter: Yuanhui Huang
Paper: "Hypermethylation-associated Inactivation Indicates a Tumor Suppressor Role for p15ink4b1" in Cancer Res. 56:722-727.

March 04, 1996
Presenter: Geoff Girnun

March 11, 1996
Presenter: Hannah Zhang
Paper: "Enhanced Glutathione Peroxidase Expression Protects Cells from Hydroperoxides but not from Radiation or Doxorubicin" Cancer Res. 55:4465-4470.

March 18, 1996
No presentation: SPRING BREAK

March 25, 1996
Presenter: Rugao Liu,
Paper: "Superoxide anion is a natural inhibitor of Fas-mediated cell death" in The EMBO J. 15:216-225, 1996.

April 01, 1996
Presenter: Ernie Lam
Paper: "Imaging the Expression of Transfected Genes in Vivo" (Cancer Research 55:6126-6132, 1995

April 08, 1996
Presenter: Geoff Girnun
Paper: "Induction of Acute Phase Gene Expression by Brain Irradiation" by Hong et al., IJROBP 33, 619-626, 1995

April 15, 1996
No Presentation: Radiation Research Society Meeting, Chicago

April 22, 1996

April 29, 1996
Presenter: Jiexin Peng
Paper: "Irradiation Increases Manganese Superoxide Dismutase mRNA Levels in Human Fibroblasts by Akashi et al., Am. Soc. Biochem. Molecular Biol., 1995:15864-15869)