The University of Iowa

Spring 1997

11:30-12:30, Mondays

Room B180, Med Labs

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January 27, 1997
Presenter: Bill Osborne
Paper: "Spatial and temporal patterns of expression of epidermal growth factor, transforming growth factor alpha and transforming growth factor beta 1-3 and their receptors in mouse jejunum after radiation treatment", Ruifrok et al., Radiat. Res. 147:1-12 (1997).

February 03, 1997
Presenter: Xiuying Zhang
Paper: "Overexpression of the heme oxygenase gene in renal cell carcinoma" Goodman et al., Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med. 214:54-61 (1997).

February 10, 1997
Presenter\: Mike Robbins
Paper: "Radiation-induced changes in transforming growth factor b and collagen expression in the murine bladder wall and its correlation with bladder function" by Kraft et al.., from Radiat. Res. 146:619-627(1996)

February 17, 1997
Presenter: Shijun Li
Paper: "Interleukin 12 primes macrophages for nitric oxide production in vivo and restores depressed nitric oxide production by macrophages from tumor- bearing mice" by Wigginton et al., from Cancer Res. 56:1131-1136 (1996)

February 24, 1997
Presenter: Weiling Zhao
Paper: "Relationship between intrinsic radiation sensitivity and metastatic potential" by Lewis et al., from Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 34:103-110 (1996)

March 03, 1997
Presenter: Rick Domann
Paper: "Stable translocations detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization: A rapid surrogate end point to evaluate the efficacy of a potentiator of tumor response to radiotherapy" by Kovacs et al., from Cancer Res.57:672-677 (1997).

March 10, 1997
Presenter: Bill Osborne
Paper: "Effect of irradiation on bromodeoxyuridine incorporation in human colon cancer xenografts" by Lawrence et al., from IJROBP 34:617-621 (1996)

March 17, 1997
Presenter: Weiling Zhao
Paper: "Human papillomavirus E6 and E7 oncoproteins alter cell cycle progression but not radiosensitivity of carcinoma cells treated with low-dose-rate radiation" by DeWeese et al., from IJROBP 37:145-154 (1997)

March 31, 1997
Presenter: Ji-Qin Yang
Paper: "Radiosensitization of hypoxic tumor cells in vitro by nitric oxide" by Griffin et al., from IJROBP 36:377-383 (1996).

April 07, 1997
Presenter: Shijun Li
Paper: "Improvement in the therapeutic ratio of radiotherapy for a murine sarcoma by indomethacin plus fludarabine" by Grégoire et al., from Radiat. Res 146:548-553 (1996).

April 14, 1997
Presenter: Garry Buettner
Paper: "The role of active oxygen species and lipid peroxidation in the antitumor effect of hyperthermia" by Yoshikawa et al., from Cancer Res. 53:2326-2329, May 15 (1993)

April 21, 1997
Presenter: Xiuying Zhang
Paper: "Mitogenic signaling mediated by oxidants in Ras-transformed fibroblasts" by Irani et al., from Science. 275:1649-1652, (1997)

April 28, 1997
Presenter: Bill Osborne
Summary and discussion of semester presentations

May 05, 1997
Radiation Research Society Meeting, Providence, RI