The University of Iowa

Spring 2003

11:30-12:30, Mondays

Room B180, Med Labs

Contact: Tel 319-335-8025

January 27, 2003
Presenter: Douglas Spitz
Paper: "Activation of constitutive nitric-oxide synthase activity is an early signaling event induced by ionizing radiation" The Journal of Biological Chemistry (2002) 277:15400-15406.[DOI Article]

February 3, 2003
Presenter: Xiaomei Zheng
Paper: "Role of reactive oxygen species in cells overexpressing manganese superoxide dismutase: mechanism for induction of radioresistance" Molecular Cancer Research (2002) 1:137-146.

February 10, 2003
Presenter: Hualei Li
Paper: "Tumor supressor activity of AP2a mediated through a direct interaction with p53*" The Journal of Biological Chemmistry (2002) 277(47):45028-45033.[DOI Article]

February 17, 2003
Presenter: Lei Yu
Paper: "Characterization of a novel epigenetic effect of ionizing radiation: the death-inducing effect1" Cancer Research (2003) 63:324-328. [DOI Article]

February 24, 2003
Presenter: Ling Xiao
Paper: Inhibition of Glutathione Synthesis Reverse Bcl-2-mediated Cisplatin Resistance. Cancer Research (2003) 63: 312-318.[DOI Article]

March 3, 2003
Presenter: Kelly Andringa
Paper: Retroviral transfer of MRP1 and g-glutamyl cysteine sythetase modulates cell sensitivity to L-buthionine-S, R-sulphoximine (BSO): new rationale for the use of BSO in cancer therapy. European Journal of Cancer (2003) 63:120-128[DOI Article]

March 10, 2003
Presenter: Lingjie Zhao
Paper: Thioredoxin peroxidases can foster cytoprotection or cell death in response to different stressors Ð A study of thioredoxin peroxidase under- and overexpression in drosophila cells.[DOI Article]

March 17, 2003
Presenter: No Seminar, Spring Break

March 24, 2003
Presenter: Dr. Knudson
Paper: "c-Myc can induce dna damage, increase reactive oxygen species, and mitigate p53 function: a mechanism for oncogene-induced genetic instability" Molecular Cell (2002) 9: 1031-1044.

March 31, 2003
Presenter: Jingru Liu
Paper: "Irradiation-induced angiogenesis through the up-regualtion of the nitric oxide pathway: implications for tumor radiotherapy" Cancer Research (2003) 63: 1012-1019.[DOI Article]

April 7, 2003
Presenter: Zhen Gao
Paper: “Redox Regulation of Cdc25C” J. Biol. Chem. (2002) 277: 20535Ð20540.[DOI Article]

April 14, 2003
Presenter: Christine Weydert
Paper: “Ribozyme-mediated downregulation of human metallothionein IIa induces apoptosis in human prostate and ovarian cancer cell lines.“ Molecular Carcinogenesis (2002) 3:44-55.[DOI Article]

April 21, 2003
Presenter: Dr. Goswami
Paper: "DNA damage activates ATM through intermolecular autophosphorylation and dimmer dissociation" Nature (2003) 42:499-506.[DOI Article]

April 28, 2003
Presenter: Dr. Aykin-Burns
Paper "Implication of mitochondria-derived reactive oxygen species, cytochrome C and caspase-3 in N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)retinamide-induced apoptosis in cervical carcinoma cells." Oncogene (1999) 18:6380-6387.