Cancer Biology Journal Club, The University of Iowa
Spring 2019, 11:30-12:30, Every Other Monday, Room B180, Med Labs
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January 14, 2019
Presenter: Dr. Prabhat Goswami
Paper: Liang C, Shi S, Liu M, Qin Y, Meng Q, Hua J, Ji S, Zhang Y, Yang J, Xu J, Ni Q, Li M, Yu X. PIN1 Maintains Redox Balance via the c-Myc/NRF2 Axis to Counteract Kras-Induced Mitochondrial Respiratory Injury in Pancreatic Cancer Cells. Cancer Res. 2019 Jan 1;79(1):133-145. PMID: 30355620.
doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-18-1968.

January 28, 2019
Presenter: Dr. Rick Domann
Paper: Mertens C, Mora J, Ören B, Grein S, Winslow S, Scholich K, Weigert A, Malmström P, Forsare C, Fernö M, Schmid T, Brüne B, Jung M. Macrophage-derived lipocalin-2 transports iron in the tumor microenvironment. Oncoimmunology. 2017 Dec 22;7(3):e1408751. PMID: 29399416; PMCID: PMC5790355.
doi: 10.1080/2162402X.2017.1408751.

February 11, 2019
Presenter: Dr. Claudia Oliva
Paper: Ishida S, Andreux P, Poitry-Yamate C, Auwerx J, Hanahan D. Bioavailable copper modulates oxidative phosphorylation and growth of tumors. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2013 Nov 26;110(48):19507-12. PMID: 24218578; PMCID: PMC3845132.
doi: 10.1073/pnas.1318431110.

February 25, 2019
Presenter: Amanda Kalen
Paper: Kumar D, New J, Vishwakarma V, Joshi R, Enders J, Lin F, Dasari S, Gutierrez WR, Leef G, Ponnurangam S, Chavan H, Ganaden L, Thornton MM, Dai H, Tawfik O, Straub J, Shnayder Y, Kakarala K, Tsue TT, Girod DA, Van Houten B, Anant S, Krishnamurthy P, Thomas SM. Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Drive Glycolysis in a Targetable Signaling Loop Implicated in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Progression. Cancer Res. 2018 Jul 15;78(14):3769-3782. PMID: 29769197; PMCID: PMC6050074.
doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-17-1076.

March 11, 2019
Presenter: Sam Rodman
Paper: Rohr-Udilova N, Bauer E, Timelthaler G, Eferl R, Stolze K, Pinter M, Seif M, Hayden H, Reiberger T, Schulte-Hermann R, Peck-Radosavljevic M, Stoiber D, Trauner M. Impact of glutathione peroxidase 4 on cell proliferation, angiogenesis and cytokine production in hepatocellular carcinoma. Oncotarget. 2018 Jan 22;9(11):10054-10068. PMID: 29515790
doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.24300

March 25, 2019
Presenter: Michelle Tamplin
Paper: Tsoi J, Robert L, Paraiso K, Galvan C, Sheu KM, Lay J, Wong DJL, Atefi M, Shirazi R, Wang X, Braas D, Grasso CS, Palaskas N, Ribas A, Graeber TG. Multi-stage Differentiation Defines Melanoma Subtypes with Differential Vulnerability to Drug-Induced Iron-Dependent Oxidative Stress. Cancer Cell. 2018 May 14;33(5):890-904.e5. PMID: 29657129; PMCID: PMC5953834.
doi: 10.1016/j.ccell.2018.03.017.

April 8, 2019
Presenter: Khaliunaa Bayanbold
Paper: Takahashi N, Chen HY, Harris IS, Stover DG, Selfors LM, Bronson RT, Deraedt T, Cichowski K, Welm AL, Mori Y, Mills GB, Brugge JS. Cancer Cells Co-opt the Neuronal Redox-Sensing Channel TRPA1 to Promote Oxidative-Stress Tolerance. Cancer Cell. 2018 Jun 11;33(6):985-1003.e7. PMID: 29805077; PMCID: PMC6100788.
doi: 10.1016/j.ccell.2018.05.001.

April 22 2019
Presenter: Michael Petronek
Paper: :  Schneider LS, von Schwarzenberg K, Lehr T, Ulrich M, Kubisch-Dohmen R, Liebl J, Trauner D, Menche D, Vollmar AM. Vacuolar-ATPase Inhibition Blocks Iron Metabolism to Mediate Therapeutic Effects in Breast Cancer. Cancer Res. 2015 Jul 15;75(14):2863-74. PMID: 26018087.
doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-14-2097